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Senators: Include digital platforms in Open Government Law


May 2, 2024

A bipartisan group of eight lawmakers, led by Vice Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes, is proposing to modernize the Open Government Law, which was established about 50 years ago, so digital media platforms can satisfy requirements to publish notices and agendas of upcoming public meetings.

Bill 295-37 extends publication requirements to a greater number of local media companies, including newspapers with electronic editions and news websites - in addition to existing allowances for printed newspapers and television or radio stations that are licensed to do business on Guam. This forward-thinking bill aims to revamp outdated mandates adopted at a time and embrace technology to better serve our community.

“The trend of media consumption globally and locally is clear: most people obtain their news through digital platforms,” the Vice Speaker stated. “Updating our local laws to include these preferred websites and electronic publications will mean more residents are made aware of important debate and votes contemplated by agencies, commissions, and branches - and can result in fiscal savings through a more competitive landscape of potential advertisers.”

In addition to the Vice Speaker, the seven other lawmakers cosponsoring the proposal are Senators Chris Barnett, Sabina Perez, Christopher Dueñas, Dwayne San Nicolas, Joe San Agustin, Roy Quinata, and Amanda Shelton.

“This term has taught me that building a consensus is not guaranteed, and requires an investment in time and teamwork to make it happen. I’m thankful to our local media partners for collaborating with my office to make this change both fair to and workable to all companies affected, and to my colleagues for recognizing the value of modernizing this critical law - one that demonstrates a government-wide commitment to transparency,” Muña Barnes added. “Because this effort was not made in a vacuum, I’m confident this measure is the right thing for our government, our treasured Fourth Estate, and our people.”


For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Phill Leon Guerrero at 671.480.5033.


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